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geocaching in Vienna

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure-hunting puzzle game in the city of Vienna. With the help of GPS devices, teams of 3 7 people locate caches (small containers), solve riddles and tasks or collect information. Every team has to find their own hidden caches, so no one will miss out on finding caches. In the end all teams find a final cache together.

If you have a meeting in Vienna and want to see the most beautiful parts of the City while searching for geocaches in teams? Contact us!


Caches: Every team has to find their own hidden caches, so no one will miss out on finding caches

Duration: 2,5 hours

Route: Start at Karlskirche, end close to Rathausplatz / University. Costumized routes are possible.

Group Size: 2 – 30 Teams = 6 to 600 persons in teams of 3 to 10 persons

Languages:  German, Englisch

Exertion: 4 to 5 Kilometres, few uphills


We will give an overview of the activity and you get to know you GPS devices in your team. We form teams randomly, if you want to form teams on your own, please let us know. Every team gets 2 GPS devices with preprogrammed points they have to find. A written introduction to the devices is also given.

How it works

All teams move along a certain route. At certain spots we have hidden little boxes, the so called geocaches and the GPS devices lead the teams to +/- 5 meters close to this point. Every team finds their own caches so no one will miss out on finding caches. Riddles or tasks are hidden in the caches and the teams have to solve and write down their answers on the answer sheet.

For example

On the GPS device of team red the caches red 1, red 2, … red 6 are preprogrammed. Team red will not find the caches of team blue.

The Goal

Teams answer the riddles they find in the caches and write them down on their clipboard. We meet at a certain spot at Rathauspark or possibly a restaurant that you have chosen and there we solve the riddles together and everybody gets a little present.

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