Bridge to the Future

This one of a kind event is perfect for large groups and for implementing indoors.


Each team works on cardboard building block. This building block should become stabile enough that everyone can stand on it or that even a golf cart can ride over it. The building blocks can be used as a stage, walkway, catwalk, stage  etting or as a ramp. A further variant is an arch bridge that can be crossed. All of the static weight bearing elements are built from cardboard.
If the event is about a conflict resolution to a topic, the specific outcomes can be noted on the building blocks.

BTTF kartonbruecke begehbar together teamevent indoor teambuilding hero


During the preparation phase, each team is assigned to a table where cardboard, tools and tape are already prepared. A short description is given on how the building block can be made stabile. The teams then work on the building block and reinforce the the building blocks on the inside so that it can withstand a heavy burden.


This event scales well, whether it is for one hundred, two hundred, five hundred or a thousand people. The space required is relatively small. If tables are not used, chairs can also be used to create a work space for small groups. The building blocks can then be used on the stage. With larger groups, the question of space is always a determining factor.


We will gladly check the feasibility of your location. Bridge building can take place in a lobby, a covered outdoor area or in some other free area. The structure can be rapidly dissembled so that public spaces are only used for a short period of time.


The basic principle is the construction of stabile building blocks that have to withstand some form
of burden. The building blocks can be used in many different ways. Do you have your own ideas?
Feel free to contact us and we can check the feasibility of your idea. Some of our ideas that we
have done with big groups are:

  • Weight of a golf cart – 600 Persons
  • Weight of many people
  • Pyramid construction

Weight of a golf cart – 600 Persons

Weight of many people

Pyramid construction

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