Geocaching in Vienna. An idea for your company event

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure-hunting puzzle game, which can also take place in Vienna. Supported by GPS devices, teams of 3 – 7 people locate caches (small containers), solve riddles  and write down the answers in the foreseen form. Every team has to find their own hidden caches along the route and we make sure that the other teams do not interfere in others team’s game. The final cache is foreseen to be found by all teams together. This might be the idea for your company event.

Geocaching for companies in Vienna:

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Duration: 2,5 hours.

Caches: Every team has to find their own hidden caches, so no one will miss out on finding caches.

Route: Start at Karlskirche, end close to Rathausplatz / University. Costumized routes are possible.

Group Size: 2 – 30 Teams = 6 to 600 persons in teams of 3 to 10 persons.

Languages:  German, Englisch

Exertion: 4 to 5 Kilometres, few uphills.


We will give you an overview of the whole activity and show how to use the GPS device. We form teams randomly. If you want to form teams on your own, please feel free to inform us in advance and we will arrange it accordingly. Every team gets 2 GPS devices with preprogrammed coordinates to be found. A written introduction to the devices is also given.

How it works

All teams move along a predefined route. At certain spots we have hidden little boxes, also called „caches“, and the GPS devices lead the teams to +/- 5 meters close to this point. Every team finds their own caches and we make sure that those of other teams are on the same route, but not on the same place. This way we avoid mixing up or cheating a little ;o)

For example

On the GPS device of team red the caches red 1, red 2, … red 6 are preprogrammed. Team red will not find the caches of team blue.

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The Goal

Each cache contains a riddle to be solve within your own team. Answers are written in the foressen form, which will be collected and evaluated at the end. The higher the total score is, the better are your chances to be the winning team! We meet all togehter at a certain spot at Rathauspark or in a restaurant of your choice. We gather all answers, evaluate them and make a short award ceremony handing over a small present.

If you have a company meeting in Vienna and also want to see the most beautiful parts of the City while searching for geocaches in teams? Contact us!